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About us



Technology Concierge is a company that provides a very privitized and elite level of technology services.  What that entails is working with very private familys and business that take both efficiency and privacy seriously.  We protect both your business and your family to ensure a safe, efficient and fun online experience.


Technology Concierge provides an extremely high level of personal contact and availability – including 24/7 remote log-in support and personal assistance to client’s, anywhere in the world.  We design computer networks, assist in product recommendations, procuring equipment and teaching people how to use the technology we provide them with in the most efficient manner possible, teach parents how to monitor their children discreetly to ensure their online safety and basic internet etiquette.


The client base we have and continue to aquire, in many ways, have very advanced needs therefore requiring a much more tailored and personal level of support.  


Our clients require discretion and a very intense level of protection as the world of technology evolves everyday, so does the vulnerability of the privacy of everyone who uses it.  We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver that protection


We specialize in both Mac and PC platforms as well as iPads, iPods, all smartphones etc.  Our experience in installing wireless networks spans over 13 years, allowing us to provide the best network possible for your home.  In addition, we are experts in data transfers on both computers as well as smart phones.


TCNYC also can assist in contact management, photo management and storage as well as iTunes library instruction and management.


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